Chapman_logo Menu Icon 34x34Since the late 1960’s, Ron Chapman worked in the lawn maintenance and landscaping industry.  At that time, Ron had a vision of running his own maintenance and landscaping company, with a serious commitment to “Quality” & “Integrity”.  On a quest to fulfill this life-long ambition, during the summer of 1972 Ron, and his wife Linda, moved their young family (with three children in tow) from Indianapolis, Indiana to Clearwater, Florida.  Ron began the company with a truck, a lawn mower and a few pieces of hand equipment.  Initially named R L Chapman’s Lawn Service, the business quickly grew by word of mouth, thanks to Ron’s commitment to “Quality”, Linda’s administrative skills, and their joint reputable “Integrity”.

Chapman_logo Menu Icon 34x34In 1984, the company became incorporated under the new name, Chapman’s Professional Lawn Maintenance, Inc., while continuing with the same commitment to “Quality” & “Integrity”.  By this time, Ron and Linda had eight children (5 boys and 3 girls).  Linda’s full-time job included the administrative duties of the company, while teaching this big family the meaning of “Integrity”, among many other character traits.  Ron’s full-time job included managing the company on the job, ensuring customers’ received the highest degree of “Quality”, while teaching his children these same values.  These teachings have proven to enable each Chapman child to be an active contributor to the family, the business and the community. 

Chapman_logo Menu Icon 34x34As part of this effort, each of the Chapman sons and daughters have all worked for the company as teenagers, while in college and into adulthood.  The family has all learned  the business from the ground up, whether it be skilled maintenance, horticulture consulting, landscape architecture and installation, irrigation management, accounting, marketing, etc…  As the family has grown, many of the childrens’ spouses have learned the business, too, and have become involved with its operation and have had a great impact on the company.

Chapman_logo Menu Icon 34x34Today, as part of the overall family run operation, Ron and Linda and their family all continue this commitment to “Quality” and “Integrity”. Ron & Linda, now married over 45 years, with over 25 grandchildren, drive the continued success and growth of the company. Thankfully, 45 years later, the company is gratefully reliant upon the leadership and experience of the next generations. This model was envisioned by Ron many years ago and all his training and patience has paid off. Working together is something the Chapman’s do quite well. Business is truly a family affair. Each family member, along with Ron and Linda, all provide their various areas of expertise to the company. 

Chapman_logo Menu Icon 34x34Over the years, the Chapman children have all continued their education and experience in order to support their families and contribute to the family and the business. Their education & degrees include Certifications, Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorates. As well, the Chapman’s pursue well rounded lives having started other businesses, frequently volunteering for various charitable organizations, often coaching youth sports teams, accepting leadership in the Boy Scouts, contributing their time and talents to their church & community, etc. The Chapman’s also continue to develop their careers in nursing, education, teaching, law, marketing, sales, business, consulting, construction, horticulture and, of course, property maintenance and landscaping.  The Chapman family is actively involved in the Tampa Bay community, including schools, churches, sports, government, medicine, business organizations, etc…  It would be an understatement to say that Ron, Linda & family have been a force for good in their community.  

Chapman_logo Menu Icon 34x34Chapman’s Professional Lawn Maintenance, Inc. is truly a family affair, run by professionals, with countless years of experience.  See a few of the Chapman Boys in this Video…

Chapman_logo Menu Icon 34x34In 1972, “Quality” and “Integrity” were the company’s first priorities of service to their customers.  Today, over 40 years later, “Quality” and “Integrity” have not only become the definition and reputation of the company, but have become the character and reputation of the family.  “Quality” & “Integrity” will ALWAYS be the driving force behind Chapman’s Professional Lawn Maintenance, Inc.’s services, behind the family’s character and behind their commitment to improve the Tampa Bay Area well into the next “Chapman” generation.

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